Relative location is when you use directions to identify a place or where you want to go. It would bring you there, but probably not exactly the spot you wanted to end up. When you tell a person where you want to go or your giving directions, you use words like north, east, south, west, left, right, forward, and behind. You can also use street names, or store names, etc. You could aslo use a compass to find your directions.
You could also use the GPS. The GPS also helps you identify a place where you want to go and how to get there. It tells you which way to go like right, left, north, south,east or west- added by Chelsia
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For example, if i wanted to go to Castlemore and I was at Sobeys, I would go east down Castlemore Avenue and keep on going untill I see McCowan road. Then I would take a left on McCowan road and go straight. When I see Bur Oak, I know I'm almost there. Then I keep on going untill I see Sobeys, which would be on my left.

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^This is what we call relative location^

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Another example of relative location if i were to go to my house to lets say Wendy's near Markham rd i would turn right then left then right because Relative location is not exact and sometimes brings you near the spot but not exactly at it.

If you ever need tips to study then Relative means close family mate right? well Relative location gives you the closest place to your destination which is like your family mate not your exact mom parents or siblings but close

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Relative location is using things like landmarks to help identify a place.
For instance: My house is just across the street from yours.

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