Relative location

´╗┐Relative location uses a direction using, north, east,south, west,north-east, north-west,south-east,

south west, left, right,in front and behind. Those are ways that you discribe a relative


You can use a compass to help you use relative locations,and you can use the directions above to locate your point.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcScOgBIwkmsxMJMWU_XnfRfVSGS1sLWzlZUGok95kq__lvWChTp For example:1.Berzy park is southeast of Castlemore P.S

2.Major makenzie is north of castlemore P.S

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Relative location just means getting to place to place that is close to you.Because if you look up the word

"relative" it would say something that is related to another thing, which is relative location. If the place you want to

go to is close to somewhere you want to go to you automatically know it's a relative location.

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