A cultural landscape is the mark we humans leave behind on the earths surface.Our earth offers us a lot opportunities and most of them are useful. It depends how you use them. If your mind is creative, that means anything that earth offers can be a possibility to help us with our needs.The chinese for example, used their brains and skills to physically change their enviroment. What they did was they used the steep hills to farm. They used the hills by taking the flat hills to put water and fertile soil to plant crops, mine, or build. That is how a cultural landscape is created.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRnyCCvRBLO2wnGC7eUuUO8IUxoEvgbXJ3xoG2tycSRMekDAg7yhAThis is a field school from northern Italy they used the fields and made their own landmark with a cultural landscape by making an education.

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Cultural landscape is when people modify the world for example building a church etc. Cultural landscapes can go way back to historical cultural landscapes created by people who were on the earth even before you were born.

This is the Notre Dame Church. It is a exmaple of a cultural landscape.

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This building would be an example of a cultural lanscape because this building was made by humans
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