Most of the land we visit is covered with a thin layer of Soil. Soil is usually a mixture of rocks and decaying or dead material from Natural Vegetation. Living organisms can adapt to there habitat and use the Soil to live in it or hide in it to protect themselves from predator's, for example Groups of the meerkats live in the Holes or underground of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa and protects them for the hot days and night-time cold and also from there predators.

Soil also keeps the worms moist and the soil and the worms help each other at the same time. The soil helps the worms by keeping the worms moist so they won't dry out and die and worms help the soil by eating dead things and pooing out fertilizer which is nutrients to the soil so the soil will stay healthy.- edited by: Chelsia Tong

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This is a diagram of soil, as you see the burrowing animal uses the soil and hides itself from predators trying to attack them. and you see the
decomposers eat the remains of dead animals and turn them into simple substances.

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This is the meerkat living under a hole with soil in it so it adapts to its habitat and then uses it to hide itself from its predators and protect its skin from heat and keeps them warm during cold nights.

Soils are made out of minerals, air, water, and organic matter. Minerals take about 45% and water and air are about 25% each. Organic matters from 2% to 5%. Minerals can include sand, silt ,gravel or clay. Some animals use soils as their habitat such as squirrels, earthworms and snails.

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Soil is usually made of decaying matter, rocks, and matter. It can be found almost everywhere in the world. Different places have different type of soil. For example: the soil at Prince Edward Island is known to be very rich and red.

Many plants use soil to survive. An example would be a plant gathering nutrients from the soil. Or provide water for a plants to make food.

Soil is also use by not only plants, but animals. Some animals use soil as a shelter. Others use it as protection from the sun. Examples of animals that use it as shelter would be: small rodents (such as mice, groundhogs and rabbits,) snakes, worms and different kinds of incest.

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Humans also use soil for daily need like growing food to eat. we also dig up soil for places to live.(habitat) Without soil living things, including us, wouldn't be able to survive.

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Soil is pretty much the main source of our food. you need soil to plant fruits and veggies and Meat sources like cows, pigs, big birds etc. eat veggies or fruits and then it goes to our stomach