Natural vegetation is plants that have not been grown by humans. It doesn’t need help from humans and gets whatever it needs from its natural environment. Some types of natural vegetation are Forests, tundra, grass lands and rainforests. Here is an example of where in the world to find these different types of vegetation.
World Natural Vegetation Map
World Natural Vegetation Map


This is Canada's natural vegetation .

We need natural vegetation because it helps us humans, and animals. people use natural vegetation for food, building materials, etc. Animals such as herbivores use it for food, carnivores might use it for camouflage.

And here are photos of animals using the natural vegetation to hide ;
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Natural vegetations means plants growing on their own without any human interference such as mining/lumbering. A natural vegetation are refered to ground covered by grass and have plants/trees growing. Certain types of plants/trees have their own natural habitats, on different parts of earth plants/trees have a community grown accoding to their own habitat, which we refer to as ''natural vegetation''. It will also provide food for animals. Natural vegetation such as forests can regenerate after a long time which is called the ''secondary forest''. Natural vegetations are usually related to an ecosystem.

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An example of a natural vegetation forest.

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Before when humans weren't cutting down trees and spraying chemicals on there plants there was natural vegetation. Natural vegetation is when a plant grows on its own. An example could be cactus growing on its own in a desert or forests etc. Animals use natural vegetation for many needs such as habitat, camoflouge and other needs.
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Natural vegetation is a resource found in the wild that is useful. Some examples of natural vegetation are trees, grass, rocks and water.

This forest is an example of a natural vegetation because it was made by nature.

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Natural vegetation is plant life that grows naturally in an area and does not require human assistance to survive
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