There are three types of movement: Moving people, moving products and moving inlormation. Moving people is how people get form one place to another place. For example I can get a ride to school, walk to school or bike to school. Moving products is how do people get product form one place to another. The three things that do that job is trucks, trains and ships. Moving information is how people move infromations form one place to another. People uses things like cellphone to text, TV and computers.
Things to move people: Car and Subway
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Things to move products:
Trains, Ships, and Truck
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Things that move information:

Phone and Computer

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The 3 types of movement are people, product, and information. Moving people is transportation that moves a person from one place to another. Moving product is moving an item or food. Moving information is moving infomation like games or documents.

An example of moving people are walking, biking or riding a car.
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An example of product is train, ship, or plane.
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An example of product could be T.V. or internet.
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Movement involves the transfer of people products, and information. Movement is how things get around between one place and another.
Information can be transferred through the media.
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People and products can be moved
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by vehicles like trucks and trains.
Freight is one of the biggest ways products are moved.

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