Legends are a part in a map that shows you what the part in the map means. Legends can be used for seeing the population, depth of water, fishes, oil, tour spot, schools and more. It basically helps you know what the part in the map means or have. Legends can be very usefull to know what places have what things.

legends can also be about the depth of the water. For example, light blue

shallow water, navy blue= inbetween shallow and deep water, and lastly dark blue which means really deep water.( added by chelsia tong)=

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This is a type of legend.

Example: 1)

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side walk=

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Legends are symbols or pictures that show what something is on a map. They can vary from just colours or complete shape. Legends will help you understand what's going on in the map. For example sometimes a red dot means a hockey rink but maybe a black dot can be a library which is totally different. But sometimes if can look different but very similar. It is helpful when you want to know where something is. Sometimes they can also look similar to the place it is.

Legends can be also used on a thematic map. The legend shows different colours and how deep or high that colour would represent on the map. For example, dark blue might mean 200m + under the water, light blue might be 0-200m under the water. This helps show the depth of the water. This method also works to show mountains,plains and hills on land.
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examples of some legends

Legends can be in airports and they have signs after the picture pointing where specifically is the place that your searching for. For example if your seaching for a gate, look at the signs and they will direct you to where it is . melissa