Latitude means the distance between north and south.The north latitude goes from +0 degrees starting at the equator to +90 degrees up to the north pole.But the south pole is the opposite it starts at 0 degrees at the equator and goes down to -90 degrees south.If you cut the earth in half in the horizontal way it is now called the northern and southern hemisphere. Earth is also divided by parallel latitude lines.And when latitude and longitude lines are shown on the earth it looks like a grid ( you will learn a little about longitude in the video).

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See look at this picture and find where the north latitude and the south one is. Example above!

Here is a great YouTube video you can check out.

And here is a link to check out as well.


a good way to separate latitude and longitude is by remembering the phrase 'latty fatty'. latitude goes from east to west, like it is measuring how fat the earth is.
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