Functional Regions

Functional regions are how a part of something works/functions.Most of the functional regions are the human regions.Because humans are the ones who build things that function with exceptions.Here are some examples of functional regions.One example is the way you get your mail, you have to go to this big mail sorting stations , which are everywhere in Canada which help us get our mail.Another example is schools and hospitals.

Here are YouTube video that you can check out for more information.( EXTRA INFO ABOUT FORMAL AND PERCEPTUAL REGIONS)

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT4voLh-ZRZKnn6nHUiuOcnoHh8qIBUMl8n0GUr3A1M3WMvfELnyQ external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRLrUzU54kiV_eEO8uwUcoZpaM2LfuuTpu5hAY1MUmiOf7A3T4OcQ Inside of the school is an example of a functional region.


Funtional regions are regions that have a lot of human activities such as trading places, or company headquarters, or transportation stations. A example is Toronto. There are lots and lots of company headquaters settled in Toronto, also has restaurants and supermarkets around it, also entertainment places like the Air Canada Centre, has a transportation station like Pearson Airport.

By:Ryan H.