A formal region is an area that has one characteristic that is common through the whole place. We all live in a formal region but they're all differant sizes. There is a continent, country, and the province. Lots of formal regions are identified by the 5 enviromental themes: natural vegetation, climate, water, landforms and soils. It is identified like this because each physical region has a common feature.

This place might be known by the water and the natural vegetation living in the area.
This place might be known for its natural vegetation and water.

Political areas are formal human regions. The boundaries can be drawn using different methods. Some boundary lines show natural seperations like mountain peaks, rivers, the middle of lakes, or at the edge of oceans. Our province is a political region.


Formal regions are areas that have one or more charateristics that are diffrent then any other area and make it diffrent. An example could be a region who speaks a diffrent language or accent.For example we live in Canada and we speak with some kind of accent but if you went somehwere like Australia they have a diffrent accent that makes there accent diffrent from ours.

This is a example of Formal regions. It is seperated by the diffrent colonies.

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A formal region could also be identified by the same human characteristics. For exmaple, Canada is a formal region because all Canadians speaks English, and celebrates halloween, christmas etc.

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