The five environmental factors are landforms, climate, water, soils and natural vegetation.


Landforms are types of lands that living things live in. Landforms are made naturally.

landform is a word that describes a form of land. each different landform is separated from other landforms by its size, shape, location and what it is made of.
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Climate is the long term weather at a place.

Examples : In Antarctica it is always cold, in South Asia it is always hot. climate is not weather, because weather describes what is going at the moment, while climate is the overall average conditions in a place.Animals in differenent places with different climates are specially designed to live with the weather. For example, polar bears have thick fur and lots of blubber and black skin to stay warm and absorb the sun's warmth.
Another example is that if we are cold we would put layers of clothes on. If it is hot we would wear light weighted clothing. In othe words we can adapt to the climate. - Aethena

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About 75% earth's surface is water and most of it is salt water.

Water is important to living things because they need it to live. Some animals also live in water like the killer whale.

Examples of bodies of water are the Pacific Ocean, Lake Ontario and the Georgian Bay
The killer whale swimming in water, it will die if there are no water.


Most of land is covered with soil. The soil on the land is covered with a thin layer of soil.

Animals use soil for protection and other things. Soils are made up by rocks and dematerialized organic materials. soil is sometimes called dirt. good soil has lots of natural vegetation in it and lots of minerals. good soil is usually dark brown or black, while other soils are a little less dark because there isn't much organic matter
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Natural Vegetation:

Types of natural vegetation are forests, wetlands and grasslands.

Living thing it for food, hide their prey and camouflage.
Natural vegetation means Plants, trees or flowers that grown by themselves not by a human (like planting a seed). For example: a dandelion's seed gets blowned to various places and then they grow by theirselves
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Natural vegetation is something that's not grown by a human and was there naturally. It could be a squirrel accidentally kicking a seed that was left behind when it was eating. that is the reason why it's called natural vegetation.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRxuz1f_aw-G7yh4yaG4z_gsVsll5VAdNe5ZrA909RzIC9tmhG3external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTcU1vXbvpYYxQlZeo7iPpITmY96HFwbcyIzyyG39WIkxRNWbPzAs you can see, the squirrel there is eating but with all the seeds around it, it could kick one into the soil and it would grow if the climate temperature is right and the soil is good and it has water and a good landforms. Those are all part of natural vegetation because without all of them their would not be natural vegetation. Without it we can't have those materials whether it's for eating or hiding or a habitat, everything has its own reason so, the point is that all the reasons are really different but we all need vegetation.

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Five environmental Factors have impacts on some area's for living things.

(climate) then one animal cant survive but if one place is to hot some animals wont be able to live in that certain climate

So lets do a actual example if you were to stay in the north pole where the climate is really cold then it has a impact on you. If you were another animal it wouldnt have much of a impact because it has its fur and things that keep it during warm during the cold months or throughout the whole time

they live there.

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As you see in this picture of a human living in a climate that there not used too if they take off there layers they could possibly freeze to death. So climate has a impact on living thing