A conservation authority is a group or organization that maintains and manages the lands around a river system. Conservation Authorities help protect the environment, from the where the hills which the river starts to flow from the lowlands, ending at the mouth. A certain conservation authority will have a control, and have to manage a certain area in Canada. Conservation authorities manage many places in southern ontario, providing you beautiful places to camp in the wilderness and enjoy the nature in Ontario. They provide places in which humans can access them, and still have them kept natural. Some examples of conservation authourities are :

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Hamilton Conservation Authourity.

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Conservation Area: Rattlesnake Point
(A Conservation Area is a property owned by a Conservation Authority that has been developed for recreational use. Conservation Areas may contain trails, picnic areas, and other facilities. )

Example of what Conservation Parks have to offer.
Talks about watersheds too:

Ganaraska is also a conversation authority.
By: Jamie Cheung :) and Penny (shreni) Patel