Environment: Cod fish over fishing

People are fishing too much, and the fish are soon going to be extinct. Right now people are killing fishes and sharks and soon there won't be anymore underwater creatures . The cod fishing should be banned for at LEAST 5-10 years so the fish population will increase instead of decrease. If there aren't any fish, the shark poplutaion will also decrease because the sharks have nothing to eat then there won't be any sharks or fishes anymore. this will disrupt the whole underwater food chain, since sharks are apex predator and if there are no more sharks then the population of the fishes will over populate. when the fishes over populate then they would eat plants in the water then there would be no more plants and the plants in the water give us 70% of oxygen. - added by Aethena

all the fishes are being caught, Please stop fishing so the fish population will increase.

WATCH!!!!! ------> COD fish overfishing
Chelsia tong