Cod fish are now being over fished in the area of Newfoundland and Labrador. The estimated amount of cod in the water is now 1% of their historic levels. As people on the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador depended on the fishing, the two year ban has been tough.
The cod were over fished of all the large ships out there catching tonnes and tonnes of fish, and not letting them replicate. Small boats were replaced by large factory ships that stay out in sea catching fish for weeks at a time. This imbalance will cause the smaller fish to overpopulate, and smaller fish eat the ocean plants we rely on for air.
Even as cod fishing was banned for two years in April 24 2003, reestablishing the population of cod is still a major problem in Newfoundland, and the rest of the world as over fishing is killing most our worlds predator fish. This problem can be solved.

Since the sharks are being caputred also at this moment, there will almost be nothing in the seas, oceans, etc once all the fish and the sharks are gone and when people start catching octopus/ whales/ others, there will only be plants underwater with nothing else. edited by chelsia tong

Here are videos of how over fishing affects Us, animals and fish.


fishing for cod fish

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Shreni Patel.

Cod fish over fished is pretty bad as it imbalances the food chain in the waters then boom we'll be outnumbered by small fish. So if you dont know what codfish is after looking at the picture then past by costco and see that yummy fish thats precooked but you need to warm it up? next time you see it think of its feelings and pretend it was you who was almost become extinct.