Climate is a n overall weather in a specific place. It is hotter or colder depending on where you are on the earth and where the sun shines. Different temperature can cause different weather extremes like hurricanes, tornado, blizzard and heat waves. Animals that live in those colder or hotter areas have adapted to survive. Contrary to popular belief, climate is not weather. Weather describes what is happening at that moment, and climate describes the average temperature, humidity, and so on and so forth.

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Climate is the average or typical weather conditions observed over a very long time period for a given area. Different weather conditions can cause intense reactions like, Tornadoes. Heatwaves, Hurricanes, Blizzards, Extreme hailstorms, and many more, ... Animals that nest in intensely hot or cold areas have to have special adaptations to survive.

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Tornado and Hurricane
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Hailstorm and Blizzard

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heat wave



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Climate changges may happen because of things like global warming and such
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Climate is a important factor of animals' lives. They have to get used to the climate in a certain area, this is called adaptation. Climates can be hot, cold, rainy, dry, etc.external image climate_map.gif
A picture of the world's climate map.

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