Blizzards is one of the tropical storms, it is basically a snowstorm created by strong winds, but the difference between a snow storm and a blizzard is the strength of the wind, the strength of the wind of a blizzard must be greater or equal to 56km/h, it also needs to last a long periopd of time——3 hours and a reduced vision of at most 400 meters.
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This is an image of a blizzard
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This is an image of snowstorm

From these two pictures, you can see the difference of a blizzard and a snowstorm.

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This is the effects of a blizzard

It is by me: Thomas

Many people can get seriously injured or killed by a blizzard because when you are driving, there will be aa lot of black ice and you will slip and your car will probably crash into another persons car causing a big dent and a big injury( maybe)- CHelsia

blizzars are huge wind strom caused by strong winds, the visblty is usally 400 meters or less it must last for about 3 hours, the amount of snow that was nothing to do with blizzars, it most commen to be cause by strong wind picking up snow. what really damages is the strong wind which can cause ground bilzzar, that moves snow that is on the ground. they are the ones that are the most dangerous.