Alphanumeric location is the second way to find absolute location. Its a type of location method that uses a alphanumeric grid with a mix of letters and numbers and the lines cross the map top to bottom and form a checkerboard liked map as a example here is a alphanumeric grid of the states


Here is a example of a Alphanumeric grid on top which is the USA national grid and a continent Alphanumeric grid on the bottom

On a example of a different Alphanumeric system with just showing continents. North America is B3 on this Alphanumeric grid

external image DXCC%20Prefix%20Map.png

Here is a video of the five themes of geography which also includes location and it includes Alphanumeric location so you'll learn more about Alphanumeric Location

By: Joseph Chu

An Alphanumeric location can also use coordinated to locate where the place is.

It is like battleship, you try to think where your opponents ship is by saying "B,2" or something else.
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Alphanumeric location is a way of finding a certain place on a map. You use alphanumeric location by using a grip on the Earth and looking for the square the place is in.
An example would be something like: B2 or T28.

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