Welcome to the Grade 7 Geography Wiki!
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Each student must add at least one entry per week to the wiki about the concepts learned so far in each unit of history. The information added to the wiki, can be from our discussions in class, text book or other information you found on your own. Please follow the requirements posted below:

  • Wiki entries must be in full sentences, with proper grammar.
  • Must include specific, details, names, places and dates associated with that concept
  • Entries can be specific events, peoples and important places that occured in the unit
  • Entries must include weblinks and pictures
  • Will be marked each week for completeness and accuracy of information
  • You may add to other people's Wiki and this will count as a contribution. However the addition must be large and detailed enough to count as a contribution.
  • After each contribution, please put your intials at the bottom of the page
  • Please make sure NOT to COPY & PASTE from such sites as Wikipedia, all the information must be in your own words!

__**Five Themes of Geography**__
Physical Patterns in Geography