Cross-Section Diagram

A cross-section diagram is a disgram that shows the insiude of an object. It is almost as if the cut across it.
A cross-section diagram is like cutting an object in half and seeing what the object looks like on the inside.
For examples you cut an aple in half and see the seeds on the inside.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRmIQNSfam7A3fmYqSQhVerfBUUZKPD0Syjz8Yc6b7cAmT2LARLRQAn example of a cross-section diagram of the earth
by :Eddie

Way to Make a Cross Section

First you draw a STRAIGHT line through the land that you want to make a cross section for. Use the edge of the paper to mark the contour lines (see contour lines). you mark the lines that have numbers on them. the edge of the paper will be the bottom of your graph. now that you have finished making the X-axis, now the Y-axis. the Y-axis you just do like any other graph. you mark the line in regular intervals at regular spaces. after you have done that, match the contours that have numbers to them to the line that has their number. after you connect the points, you have a cross-section!!

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